Ian Stanley
Photography and Family History

Welcome to my website! 

My name is Ian Stanley and 
I live here in the middle
of the lovely county of Cheshire.
Well not exactly here under this tree, but not far away from it. 


Here below you will find links to my photography pages and also links to my family history. 

  1. Photography - See my website for images. I am interested in street photography, abstracts and landscapes, both straight and sometimes moving the camera a bit!

    Some images that have won awards are shown here

    Other than the above I have a few images on flickr and a few more on 500px
  2. Stanley - The Stanley family are a very illustrious family well known as the kingmakers at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

    I have been researching this family since 1981 and have over 25000 names on my offline database. 
  3. Botevyle - The Botevyle family have an incredible pedigree taking us back to the time of Magna Carta which my ancestor was a signatory of. 
  4. I have researched many other family lines identifying all 64 great (x4) grandparents but these are not all online. If interested please contact me using the link below. Some families are Powers, Edgington, Willmott, Denver, Gee, Barnsley, Pegg etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

You can contact me via email at

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